Improvement of Some Mechanical Properties of Fabrics Using Euphorbia Extract




Divulgación Científica

Textile products are the product group that is mostly related to the human body after foodstuffs. Dye residues and chemicals on our clothes penetrate into our body through sweating and respiration and affect our health. In the study, it was aimed to improve the various mechanical properties of fabrics by using the Euphorbia extract and to find natural alternatives to chemicals. In the study, firstly the Euphorbia was collected from nature, and its species was identified. The plant was dried in an appropriate environment, and whether the plant burned easily due to its oxygen scavenging property was tested. The extract was obtained from the dried samples by the boiling method. The sample fabric was obtained by investigating to which fabrics the extract could be applied, and AR-GE controls were made. The extract was used with various fabrics, and the most suitable fabric was selected. The rubbing fastness, touching, flammability, crease resistance, and abrasion (abrasion resistance) tests were performed in the sample produced and standard fabrics, and then the results were evaluated. As a result of the study, it was determined that the sample fabric produced using Euphorbia extract gave better results than the standard fabric in the wet and dry rubbing fastness, crease resistance and mechanical friction resistance tests and gave the desired amount of toughness, density, and smoothness to the fabric in the touching test. In the flammability test, it was observed that it started to catch on fire in about 13-14 seconds and that the result was positive since 10 seconds is taken as criteria in these tests performed in advanced laboratories. It is remarkable that the chemicals used for these properties in the studies carried out are largely carcinogenic. It is thought that the data obtained in the study can be further developed by experts in their fields and that fabrics can be produced using natural substances instead of chemicals harmful to health.